Abstracts & Papers in Stream 1

East Asian Database Project Part I

What We Have What We Need (Review of basic data for East Asian Comparative studies).

East Asian Database Project (EADP) is a project for creating Database for Comparative East Asian Social Policy Studies, which was established in October 2007 in order to exchange data, knowledge and other resources for comparative studies.

There has not been much information systematically shared regarding the volume, the author and the kind of studies in the field of Comparative East Asian social policy studies. Thus, EADP aims at collecting and organizing the quantitative and qualitative data in the wider areas relating to social policies in East Asian countries.

This year's panel session will focus on sharing the quantitative data on childcare and elderly care of each country. The basic data on demographic figures, employment and poverty are also reviewed. Based on the data we collected, we would like to discuss issues of definition and challenges in comparative East Asian policy studies with all the participants. By doing so, EADP will make a valuable contribution to enhance our understanding of East Asian Social Policy.

Panel Session 2008

Firstly, in our panel session, each member will make a short presentation (10-15minutes) regarding the existing data as follows. The focus of presentations will include the availability of data, the definitions of categories, and issues for comparative studies.

  1. the rate of aging and fertility
  2. the percentage of households
  3. women's employment rate
  4. poverty rate of women, children, and elderly
  5. childcare: the percentage of facilities and users
  6. elderly care: the percentage of facilities and users

Secondly, we will have discussion on issues of definition and challenges in comparative East Asian policy studies. We'd like to share what the problems of data are in comparative East Asian policy studies after the presentations.

Thirdly, we will introduce the website of EADP which people can access the data and information collected and also for EADP's activities