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Restructuring Care Responsibility
- Dynamics of Welfare Mix in East Asia -

20th-21st October 2007

HongoCampus, The University of Tokyo, Japan



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Paper Session A: Saturday 20th, 11:15-13:15

Long Term Care (ii)

Yu-Siang Chou
and Shu-Yung Wang
The Division of Responsibility in Elderly Care among State, Market and Family in East Asia - an Example Based on Taiwan Migrant Domestic Worker Policy
Ju-Huey Wen A Study on Physical and Mental Health Status for Primary Caregivers in the Families with Patients with Mental Illnesses
Mie Morikawa, Harumi Sasatani,
Shizuko Nagata, Rie Yamanoi,
Mai Yamaguchi and Akiko Saito
Preventive Care or Preventing Needs? : Re-balancing Long-Term Care between the Government and Service Users in Japan
Koichi Hiraoka Realities of the System of the Long-term Care Services in Japan: Beyond the Rhetoric of Market- and Contract-based Long-term Care

Politics, Institutions, and Social Policy (ii)

Kam Wah Chan Work vs. Caring, or Reconceptualizing Work? Social security for lone mother in Hong Kong
Tomoko Tsuchida Involvement of the NGO Networks in the Process of Establishment and Revision of the Domestic Violence Prevention Law: A Comparative Study between Japan and South Korea
Lai Ching Leung Gender Mainstreaming Domestic Violence Policy in Hong Kong

Urban and Housing Policy

Yukio Yamaguchi
and Masumi Shinya
Affordable Housing for Rural Migrant Workers in Urban China
Yuheng Guo Against ‘Building a Harmony Society’ : Social Housing policy in the contemporary Chinese city
Byung Hyun Park
and Han Oak Lee
Comparative Research on Housing Welfare Policy for the Elderly between Korea and Japan

East Asia Welfare Regime Debates (i)

Moo Kwon Chung
and Sung Won Kim
Time, Path Dependence, and Welfare Regimes
Jooha Lee Politics of Policy-Making in Korea and Japan
Young Jun Choi Why do we need a new typology of pension regimes? : the fuzzy-set analysis
Peter Herrmann Care Services – Core of a Sustainable Empowering Welfare Systems – an integrated Approach towards an New Care Framework


Paper Session B: Saturday 20th, 14:20-16:20

Work, Family, and Childcare(i)

Hon-Yei Annie YU Restructuring Child Care Responsibility: Dynamics of Child Protection Mix in Taiwan
Sigeto Tanaka Against Intra-Household Exploitation: Philosophy and Policy for Equity within the Family in Japanese Context
Sulki Chung, Hyun Jin Jun and Seung Soo Kim Workplace Drinking Environment and Women’s Drinking in Korea

Poverty and Social Assistance

Chin-Fen Chang
and Shao-Hua Wang
Poverty Risk in Taiwan
Shinichi Murota Can we build a new form of social safety net through public-private partnership?
In-Young Jung Social assistance in nine OECD countries
Jin Young Moon A Study of Health Security Measures for Less-privileged people in Korea

 Health and Disability Across the Life-course

Karen Fisher Experience and future directions of Chinese disability housing support policy
Gui/Guaei (Chun-Tsai Hsu) Do aboriginal adults struggle to be involved in health and social care services in Taiwan?  Perspective of Paiwanese older and disabled people
Masahiko Kaneko Community Health Policy in Japan: Role of Health Center

Politics, Institutions, and Social Policy (i)

Young A Lee Changing role of local civil society in South Korea
Mai Yamaguchi, Harumi Sasatani, Shizuko Nagata, Rie Yamanoi, Mie Morikawa and Akiko Saito Care Mix for the elderly in Japan : Too Much Expectation of the Voluntary Sector?
Junko Yamashita Re-examining Policy Impacts on the Participative Nature of Nonprofit Organisations: A Case Study of Japanese Long Term Care Insurance Act

Panel Session 1
Restructuring Care Responsibility: Shifting the family-state-market boundary in Hong Kong and China (Organised by Ka Ho Mok)

Ka Ho Mok and King Lun Ngok Reasserting the Public in Social Service Delivery: The Quest for a Harmonious Society in China
Joe C. B. Leung The Development of Residential Care Services for the Older People in China: From State to Market Provisions 
Sandra Kit Man Tsang Challenged Motherhood: Risk and Protective Resources Perceived by Mothers with Adolescent Children in an Impoverished New Town in Hong Kong
Maggie, Ka Wai Lau Who Should Care the Vulnerable Groups in an Unequal Society? The Changing Roles of Caring Responsibility in Hong Kong


Paper Session C: Sunday 21st, 11:15-13:15

Long Term Care (i)

Song-lin Huang, Chi-Ming Lee
and Chiu-Yen Yang
Reminiscence Treatment in Social Group Work: A Case in Pingtung, Taiwan.
Ya-Fen Lien The relationship of personality hardiness, social support, and life satisfaction of elderly living alone in the community
Ju-Huey Wen A Study on Physical and Mental Health Status for Primary Caregivers in the Families with Patients with Mental Illnesses
Jin-Yong Wang Who cares for people with long term mental illness? Mental health services in Taiwan

East Asian Welfare Regime Debates (iii)

Ka Ho Mok
and King Lun Ngok
A New Working Class in the Making: The Rise of the Peasant Workers and Implications for Social Policy in China
James C.T. Hsueh
and Hou-Sheng Chan

Exploring M-shaped SocietyPolicy Implications for Stopping Near Poor in Taiwan

Byunghyun Park
and Gowoon Park
The impact of "Finance Decentralization" on the social welfare expenditure of local government in South Korea
Songsik Choi, Eunseok Bae,
Haekeung Park, Youngji Song
and Hyojung Kim
A Study on Local Approaching of Korean Education Welfare Policy through a Case Study- Case of Busan Metro City(Ban-Song Dong)

 Immigration: New Challenge

Ok Kyung Yang, Joo Yeon Chung
and Ji Hyun Sung
Needs for Social Services among Immigrated Asian Wives in Seoul
Soon-yang Kim
and Young-kyun Shin
Multicultural families in Korean rural farming communities: Social exclusion and policy response
Betty Y. Weng International Marriages----Impact on Families and Children in Taiwan
Miho Watanabe
and Kana Takamatsu
Combating Human Trafficking in the East/Southeast Asia, Situations and Governments' Actions in Source, Transit and Destination Countries

Panel Session 2
New Social Risks and New Family - Chinging Paradigm of Asian Way of Welfare? (Organised by Raymond K H Chan)

Mutsuko Takahashi The Intimate Risk as Challenge to Welfare State
Joyce Yen Feng From Child Protective Services to a Nationwide Preventive Service Program for the At-Risk Families – The Taiwan Experience
Eunyoung Choi New Social Risks, Korean Families, and Policy Challenges
Raymond K H Chan Family-at-Risks and its (mis)Management in Hong Kong


Paper Session D: Sunday 21st, 14:15-16:15

Work, Family, and Childcare(ii)

Yu-ching Yeh Policies that Promoting People’s Willing of Having Children – A National Survey in Taiwan
Shu-yun Wu Intertwining Motherhood Ideologies with Work and Care Arrangements: Cultural Expectation and Ideological Work

Ageing and Pensions

Soo-Wan Kim The Multi-pillar system of old-age income security in Korea : Its development, current status and issues
Lin Chen A plan for action: filling the old age security gap for the elderly in poor rural areas in China
Kazuo Takada Public Pension in Asian setting
Tsung-hsi Fu The politics of pension reform in Taiwan and Hong Kong

East Asian Welfare Regime Debates (ii)

Sang-Hoon Ahn Economic sustainability of social service state: Implications for East Asian Countries
Chan-ung Park
and Dongchul Jung
The Asian Welfare Regimes Revisited: The Preliminary Typologies Based on Welfare Legislation and Expenditure

Labour market and Social Policy

Hiroaki Richard Watanabe Protective Measures for Japanese Atypical Workers under Labour Market Deregulation:  A Comparative Case Study with Italy
Kaoru Kanai Long-term career paths of women part-time workers: Can they find regular full-time jobs?
Tuukka Toivonen “Introducing the ‘youth independence camps’: How an innovative policy for jobless youth is re-defining the boundaries of care provision in Japan”
Cheng-chang GUO The Evaluation of the Reemployment Effectiveness of the Multiple Employment Promotion Project in Taiwan

Panel Session 3
Social Development and Innovations in the Information Age: Case Studies on New Media for Better Social Life in Asia (Organised by On-K work Lai and Yu-Cheung Wong)

On-Kwok Lai New Media as Strategic Tool for Global Human Rights Movement? Prospects of Social Development Advocacies with Cyberpower
Yu-Cheung Wong,
Chi-Kwong Law and Lisa Ho
Bridging Digital Gap for Children in Poverty in Hong Kong: Does ‘Recycled Computer for Poor Kid’ Reduce the Gap in Educational Outcome?
Shizuka Abe Promoting Inter-Generational Reciprocity in the Informational Age: A Case Study of New Initiatives for Active Aging
Pik-Kei Ko The Internet as a New Medium for Enhancing Parent-Child Communication? Case Studies on the Synergy of Technologies and Familial Communication




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