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Pressure, Policy-Making and Policy Outcome
- Understanding East Asian Welfare Reforms -

(Thu) 30th June to (Sat) 2nd July, 2005
at the University of Kent, UK


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Prenary Speakers_Title and Abstract


Andreas Hoff & Tetsuo Ogawa

A Cross-National Comparison of Welfare Restructuring in Germany and Japan


Bernard H Casey

The employment of older people: Can we learn from Japan?(paper) / Tables, etc.


Bingqin Li

Why rural-urban migrants do not participate in urban social schemes?


Chao-Yin Lin

A Political Feasibility Study on the Reform of the Financing Scheme of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Program


Chin-Fen Chang

Labour Market Exclusion and the Response of the Government:  A Case Study of Taiwan


Christian Aspalter

The East Asian Welfare Regime: A Political-Cultural Perspective


Chun-Tsai Hsu

The Health and Social Care of Aboriginal Adults in Taiwan: A Study of the Paiwan Group


Dae-hee Lee

A study for negative emotions in the policy process of emotional government


Deborah Kwan

China’s E-Government policies: Transparent governance and bridging the Digital Divide versus traditional communist doctrine and keeping the status quo


Gyu-Jin Hwang

The Rules of the Game: The politics of national pensions in Korea


Hiromi Ishizuka

Gender Gap in Chinese Economic and Social Systems : An empirical Analysis With F-GENS China Panel Data of Ochanomizu University


Hong-Kin Kwok

Changes of Financial Protection towards the Needy Families in Hong Kong: A Review of Policy Changes in Social Security and Public Health Care and their Problems


Hyun-bang Shin

Changing welfare approaches in mainland China: the case of house welfare and residential redevelopment in Beijing


In-Young Jung

Poverty alleviation and the effectiveness of the social assistance scheme in Korea


Jerry Hsiao

Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Building in Taiwan: Welfare Challenge for the Elders in Access to Medicines?


Jin-Young Moon

Recent Changes of Welfare State Programmes in East Asian NICs -with Special References to Policy Measures against Ageing


Junko Takezawa

Comparative study of Welfare States from the Life Satisfaction and Gender Perspective Approach


Junko Yamashita

Standardisation of Domiciliary Services: Can care services be fully socialised?


Ka-ho Mok

Withering the State? Globalization Challenges and Changing Education Governance in East Asia


Kikuka Kobatake

Gender and pension reforms in Japan

Koichi Hiraoka

Long-term Care Insurance in Japan at Crossroads


Kyo-seong Kim

Performance of Korean Welfare System in DJ Administration


Kyungzoon Hong

Continuity and Change in the Korean Welfare Regime


Masato Shizume

2004 Public pension reforms in Japan - Parametric changes or paradigmatic changes ?


Michael Hill

The Arguments for Doing Comparative Studies


Ming-fang Lein

The Child protection system in Taiwan


Mutsumi Matsumoto

Education Policy for Korean minority in Japan


Nico A Siegel

Key Issues in Comparative Welfare State Analysis


On-Kwok Lai

De-Coupling Labor Market Restructuring and Mobile-Nomadic Social (Sub-)Citizenship? Prospect of Welfare Reform and Labor Rights in Pacific-Asia in a Globalizing World


Peter Taylor-Gooby

Approaches to Comparative Social Policy: Ideas and Discourse


Rie Yamanoi

Attempt to Assure Quality of Care Management Practice by a Municipal Government


Sang-Hoon Ahn

Cleavage of 3-Dimensional Welfare Status and Possibility of Pro-Welfare Alliance: Swedish Experience and Korean Experiment


Shogo Takegawa

The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism: International Situation as a Factor of Welfare State Building


Shu-yun Wu

The Coping Models and the Needs of Working Mothers under the Current Employment Policy in Taiwan


Song-Lin Huang

A Research of Public Domiciliary Care Services for Elderly People Living Alone --the case in Taiwan


Takafumi Uzuhashi

Japan as a Workfare Regime: A Note for the Study of Asian Type of Welfare State


Takeshi Hieda

Social Welfare Reforms from a Policy-Network Perspective: Comparative Policy Processes of the Long-term Care Insurance Law and the Child Welfare Law in Japan


Tsung-hsi Fu

The development of old age income protection systems in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore


Yasuhiro Kamimura

Welfare States in East Asia: Similar Conditions, Different Past and Divided Future


Yeon-Myung Kim

Towards a Comprehensive Welfare State in South Korea: Institutional features, post-industrial pressures, and the possibility of the welfare state


Yeun-wen Ku

Welfare Development in East Asia: Studies and Findings


Yi-Han(Eva) Wang

We sell good-quality foreign brides: The websites of cross-national marriage agents for foreign brides in Taiwan


Yoshio Maya

Economic Progress and Social Protection: The Japanese Experience


Young Jun Choi

Theoretical review on ‘Pension Politics? Explaining pension development in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan after 1990s


Yu-Jung (Hope) Lee

The Right to Health: National Health Service in China


Yuting Liu & Fulong Wu_Abstract

The Plight of the new Urban Poor in Transitional China: Market Exclusion and Institution Isolation


Zhang Xiulan & Xu Yuebin

Impact and Mitigating Policies of Urban Heat reform on Low-Income and Poor People in China











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