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Pressure, Policy-Making and Policy Outcome
- Understanding East Asian Welfare Reforms -

(Thu) 30th June to (Sat) 2nd July, 2005
at the University of Kent, UK



The second East Asian Social Policy (EASP) conference will take place at the University of Kent, UK, on the 30th June to 2nd July 2005. The conference seeks to enhance the knowledge and develop the research network in the field of East Asian social policies. The conference is open to academics and doctoral students from any discipline working or interested in East Asian social policies.




East Asian welfare regimes are now facing ever more severe challenges than at any time before. Economic recession and the crisis after 1990s coupled with economic globalization have imposed significant pressures on the strength of nation states across the region, which have also brought considerable changes in labour market. Also, it has been widely acknowledged that the highest rate of population ageing and lowest fertility rate in the world has undermined the capability of families to provide care for the elderly and children. In this context, welfare development and reforms have been implemented with consideration of managing current pressures to maintain national competitiveness and coping with new social demands.

The focus of the conference is to figure out the ways the East Asian welfare regimes respond to these pressures and analyse policy outputs and outcomes. It will provide a forum for discussing the specific pressures the various countries are facing, for analysing the different levels (systemic or programmatic) at which recent policy changes are taking place, for comparing policy-making frameworks, for dealing with the key challenges and debates in the process of welfare reform, and for exploring patterns of reforms and the likely future direction of changes.



Plenary Speakers

Professor Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge, UK
Professor Michael Hill, University of Brighton, UK
Professor Catherine Jones Finer, University of Birmingham, UK
Professor Yeon Myung Kim, Chung-Ang University, Korea
Professor Yeun-wen Ku, Chi-Nan University, Taiwan
Professor Ka-ho Mok, University of Bristol, UK
Dr. Nico A. Siegel, University of Kent, UK
Professor Shogo Takegawa, University of Tokyo, Japan
Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, UK



Call for papers

Papers are invited which address the overall theme ‘Pressures, Policy-making and Policy outcome -- understanding East Asian welfare reform’ and the sub-themes as below. Papers may be comparative, or case studies which have broader implications for other East Asian countries or/and for the development of theory and of research methods.

1)      Welfare Regime Theory and Typologies Debates
2)      Policy-Making Framework
3)      Pension Reform
4)      Labour Market and (un)Employment Policy
5)      Social Exclusion and Poverty
6)      Health and Social Care
7)      Education Policy
8)      Family Policy
9)      Minority, Ethnic and Racial Studies
10)     Urban and Housing Policy
11)     Environmental Policy
12)     Methodological Issues of Research
13)     To be announced



Submission of abstract, full papers, and contributed papers

Those wishing to present in the conference should submit a 250-300 word abstract to Kikuka Kobatake (k.kobatake@lse.ac.uk) by 15th April 2005.  Information enclosed with your abstract should include: title of paper, your name, institution and email address. The final papers and contributed papers should be submitted to the same address by 15th June 2005.   



Main deadlines

Submission of paper abstract: 15th April 2005

Notification of applicants: 30th April 2005

Confirmation of registration: 20th May 2005

Submission of full paper and contributed papers: 15th June 2005



Further information

Details of the conference and all papers will be made available on the EASP website (www.welfareasia.org).  For further information or comments, please contact Yu-ting Liu, SSPSSR, University of Kent (yL2@kent.ac.uk).



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