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"Transformation in East Asian social policy"
13rd(Thu)~15th(Sat) January 2005
in the University of Bath, UK



1. To build the research network for academics and research students focusing on East Asian social policy: Compared to the rapid development of East Asian social policy and a increasing number of academics and research students on this issue, there are relatively few resources and less frequent events to share East Asian research interests in the UK. This workshop aims to build the solid research network to share and discuss East Asian social policy and would like to develop it to the international-level.

2. To enhance our knowledge and understanding of East Asian social policy and welfare regimes through presentations and discussion: Social policy in East Asian countries has been developing very rapidly in line with 1) highest ageing speed and lowest fertility rate in the world, 2) the quickly weakening family solidarity, 3) labour market changes and economic restructuring, and 4) democracy. In fact, most East Asian countries have introduced and expanded social policy programs during last decade or so. Through sharing and discussing our work, and special speeches from guest speakers, we would like to develop the understanding of East Asian welfare social policy and welfare regime and comparative viewpoints.



Expecting Workshop Participants

This workshop very much welcome both academics and research students who are working on topics related to East Asian social policy, either case study or comparative study. We are pleased to have your contribution on this workshop by sharing your work with others. Please contact the workshop organiser for the details. We are expecting 25 to 35 people to join this workshop.




1. East Asian social policy development and welfare regime debates: Individual country and Comparative perspective

2. Ageing and Social Policy: Pension, Elderly Care

3. Gender and Social Policy: Child Care, Women’s Work and Family

4. Social Service and Community

5. To be announced



Application Information

1. Application will be done at the website ( or by email (to organisers) and the deadline for application is 05/12/2004. After this date, you may still apply, but we cannot guarantee the accommodation.

2. Fees covering accommodation (2 nights), refreshments, 3 meals (1 lunch and 2 dinners) will be around 55pounds, depending on sponsorship. We cannot support transportation fees, but we are making our efforts to make you spend as little as possible, which will also rely on sponsorship. We would like to advise you to ask your own department to support the participation fees for this workshop, if possible. With regard to payment, we will let you know the details once participants are decided.



Call for Papers

Please contact workshop organisers if you would like to present and share your work with others related to one of themes. When you contact, please submit your short abstract (within a page) with your name and institution. We welcome every contribution, but particularly encourage doctoral students to participate and present their work. We also welcome poster presentations, please contact workshop organisers for the details. The deadline is 5/12/2004..

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